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on: May 14, 2019, 10:25:47 pm
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Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 03:49:16 pm
Thank you Mithika for starting this one. :)

I am Mynerva (Josephine on my GM). I am one of the people that decided to start this server to give a group of friends a less stressful place to play Wurm.

I am a mother of five, four grown and one only in memory, and grandmother of three. I have been married twice and now live with my boyfriend of almost 8 years. At this point in time, I can say life is good.

I have many interests, but have a tendency to turn everything into something sexual. Sorry, just the way I am. If you are ever around and I make you uncomfortable, just let me know and I will be more careful with what I say. I do love to talk and I have a genuine concern for others. I don't see my fellow wurmians as just anonymous players on a game, I care about them and see them as part of my extended family. I love to find new people to include in that family.

I have recently been unable to continue working out in the world and I am working to develop an income through work online. So far that is not going real good, but I figure it will take some time. As part of my efforts I have started a website: Feel free to visit and offer feedback or compliments. It is definitely a work in progress, so bear that in mind please.

Cannot think of much else to say here right now. Take care everyone and hope to see you on the Stormy Isles.


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Reply #2 on: July 22, 2019, 09:04:44 pm
Hello All! I will make this short and sweet. I am a mother of one and one is enough, she will be turning 27 this year. Divorced and not sad over that fact, even though the ex and I remain friends but live in different states. With that being said you can gather I am from the United States, Kentucky to be more exact.

I have been playing WO for a very long time, landed on Xanadu. It literally became a money pit so I moved to WU. I have not been on Stormy Isles very long but I do plan to make it my home. Everyone has been more than welcoming thus far. One of my absolute favorite things to do is events and role-play so I have taken on the role of event coordinator for Stormy Isles and I hope to do it justice.

I have been role-playing longer than I can remember. I am into more of the supernatural fantasy vibe but I can roll with just about anything. I have done more text role-playing more than anything but have also dabbled into voice and table top, no live action though, not yet anyway. I also play WoW and WoT, but nothing comes close to the time I put into Wurm.

I am always up to meeting folks and chatting, feel free to reach out to me if you see me in game or on discord. I am always on discord lol.

Have fun!


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Reply #3 on: August 07, 2019, 11:55:43 am
OK, I eventually got round to registering on the Forum.

Bit about me: I hail from the UK and am married to a wonderful woman, (we are going on 26 years together).  I have two sons, both young adults and both have Autism and ADHD.  However this has not stopped them academically as my eldest recently passed his degree in accounting, whilst my youngest is currently doing sound production at a specialized studio/college. I also suffer from a social anxiety disorder and Bi-polar, which is never dull ;)

Onto gaming:  I got into Wurm a couple of years ago, WO passed by my radar, but I tend to spend most of my gaming time in Wurm now.  I have been a gamer since the 80's with Atari 2600, ZX spectrum, Commodore 64 and the fantastic Amiga. I have always loved open world RPG games ever since I first played Elite and Pirates way back on the Commodore 64. I still play the settlers 2 on occasion and in the late 90's I spent a couple of years playing competitive Quake 2/3 back in the old Jolt leagues.

Moving on I got my first taste of MMO's as an alpha tester for EVE Online, quickly followed by some WOW, Lotro (still play both on occasion) and into Vanguard.  These days I am more relaxed towards gaming in general.

Some of you may know me as 'Tech support' on Discord, which came about as purely coincidence.  I joined the server one day and the next we had the massive meltdown.  I offered to help Sandy debug the issues and that is how that came about. 

Computing has always played a large part in my life and I have worked extensively in the past in many fields of IT and networking.
I currently use Linux exclusively for all of my computing and gaming needs, as I really didn't like the way MS managed to botch windows 8 and nuff said about their 'Telemetry' that they introduced into windows a couple of years back.  If any of you are interested in gaming on Linux, just hook me up on Discord and I can show you the ropes.

Right, that's enough rabble about me, hope to see you on the server :)