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Getting Started on Stormy Isles

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on: July 14, 2019, 10:06:02 pm
Tips and Tricks for the Stormy Isles

Based on our map and mods, these tips and tricks are useful for both new players and old timers alike.

Day 1:

The urge to explore and be independent is mighty! However....

+ While exploring is a ton of fun consider making use of Port Trinity's resources.
- There is a public mine and a forge available. Make yourself some nails, consider a chisel, file, small anvil and butchers knife.
- There is a rat infestation in the sewers under the village. Clear them out to get yourself a pelt.
- Water connects the whole server. If you're very ambitious and patient, you could craft a rowboat before leaving Trinity.

+ Do you want a faith?
- Before leaving the Trinity facility consider if you want a faith conversion. Travel takes a long time, and there are several priests nearby. A conversion before you go far might be wise.

+ Sacrifice your 'junk' rares
- There is a super slim chance to get rare bones doing this. Rare bones can be used on items to make them rare, which destroys the bone. Sacrificing a supreme or fantastic item can get a supreme or fantastic bone, which means a tool of that rarity for you!
- This also fills your food and water bar, as well as maxes out your nutrition to 99 (no ccfp though)
- You need 10 faith to make sacrifices, so consider picking a faith and getting converted as early as possible!

+ Coin and Karma Collection
- Stormy Isles uses a bounty system, when you kill creatures you will receive a bounty between 7i and 5c depending on what you've killed. Harder creatures are worth more, passive creatures are worth less!
- Burn corpses with your flint and steel. This will earn you karma and iron coins. Karma has a few uses, most interestingly in combination with taxidermy to animate stuffed animals for decoration and to magically portal back to your deed.