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Deed list with mayors and amenities

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on: November 07, 2019, 11:21:07 pm
Port Trinity:Starter town  Nyra
Inn with bartender(gives food to new players for their first 24 hours of play) An oven, food storage, larder for cooked food, cooking utensils, water supply, and storage. Beds for sleeping. A buyer for certain food items.
Crafter's Guild with forge, loom, kiln, spinning wheel and ample storage for raw materials. Mine through the back door. A buyer for certain goods and a crafter to improve tools.
Fighter's Guild with practice dummies and weapon racks. An archery range outside to the right. A buyer for weapons, armor and shields.
Church with altars to Fo, Vynora, Magranon, and Libila.
Auction house for auction events.
Trader that buys and sells.
Market square where you can place your own merchant.
Portal garden with portals to different areas (still under construction).
Open air market for market events.
Warehouse by the docks. A buyer for certain goods.
Lurker under the bridge that buys gems and goblin skulls.
The Sewers. Talk to Stuart Voss and he will let you in to kill the rat infestation.
Docks to park your boat.

Altar of Three: White Light  Corinne
Amazing Deals  Gilbert
Big Sky Ranch  Daylonne
Bloodbath and Beyond  Kalli
Bone Altar: Black Light  Morrigan
Court of the Mountain King  Karlfranz

Forest of Shadows  Delilah
NPC town.
Small quest started inside the pallisades.
Bartender(food and drink for new players) inside the inn.
Crafter to improve leather armor.
Portal to Port Trinity near pallisade.

Goofie's Land  Goofaloofagus
Grimmwulf  Thewolf
Kitty's Lair  Kittyflower
Mysterious Deeds  Mynerva
Mystery  Susie
Port Arthur  Wighar
Serene Acres  Lefwenna
Stormy Weyr  Sandstorm

Trinity Refuge  Kiya
Village welcomer; activate an item, right click, select join village to become a citizen.
Plots of land to build on and farm on.

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